Renewable Energy Program

Guest Speaker, Geoff Domenico, Owner of KCP Energy

May 2009 – We had a great program that started this year with the help of KCP Energy. The program started with Geoff Domenico- owner of KCP Energy, and Evan Koebel- Spring Creek MountainVillage coming into the grade ten ASCENT class at Canmore Collegiate High School. Geoff taught the students about solar energy and different ways that it can be used to effectively reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and provided them with a tour of the mechanical room at the Canmore Recreation Center. Evan talked about the geothermal energy used to heat the water used in the new units at Spring Creek Mountain Village and other forms of renewable energy.

With this information the ASCENT students prepared presentations and went into all the grade five classes in the Valley to teach them about renewable energy and to make solar ovens. Each grade five student was going to make a smore that day, but due to the lack of sun light resulting from a snow storm the students decided to wait until the weather came around.

Students Preparing Presentations to Share with Other Schools

All the ASCENT students really enjoyed this program even recognizing it as one of the best programs they have been involved in, and the grade five students really enjoyed learning from older students and were able to get a lot out of it. We hope that we continue to receive funding to provide this program to future grade five students.


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