Nutrition Tips

Julia O'loughlin

Our Nutrition Expert

Julia O’Loughlin is a registered holistic nutritionist, whose passions involve working with children to teach them how to make food both healthy and delicious and the impact that conventional foods have on our environment. Julia leads the nutrition and cooking elements of Earth Bites and you will often find her leading in house cooking classes at Rocky Mountain Flatbread.  She works from our Kits location teaching youth, parents and singles about nutrition.

To find out more great nutrition ideas for the family visit Julia’s web site at

Julia’s Latest Postings:


2 responses to “Nutrition Tips

  1. Why does tropical fruit, in particular, enhance consumption of digestive enzymes?

    • Tropical fruits, particularly papaya, pineapple, guava, noni, and mango, naturally contain digestive enzymes that help break down protein. Therefore, by just consuming these foods our consumption of digestive enzymes increases.

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