Responsible Entrepreneurship Program – Canmore

Raising Money for World Vision in Canmore

January 2009 – Mrs. Indovian Duncan’s Grade 2/3 class from Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy participated in the responsible entrepreneurship program this term. The program started off with an introduction to climate change and the climate change game. The students each did their part and have been challenged to continue doing their best to reduce their footprint on the earth.

The business they created made Christmas cards and decorations out of recycled materials. The cards were made out of old/faded paper products and then stamped with an image they had carved into a reused piece of Styrofoam. The ornaments started out as prototypes that the students created out of recyclables, and then voted on to decide which ornaments would be the best sellers, easiest to make and gather the materials for. Some of the ornaments included gift boxes (cereal boxes turned inside out, folded appropriately and the stamped with art they made out of old styrofoam food trays), snowman ornaments (egg cartons), Angels (juice lids, and empty toilet paper rolls), Book Trees (made out of old books). They raised a total profit of $453.

All the students were blown away by the amount of they raised by selling products that they designed and created, and what they were able to accomplish when they put their minds to it. The students decided to donate 100% of their earnings to buy goats, chickens, pigs, mosquito nets and soccer balls through World Vision.


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