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Do you dream of a romantic dinner by candlelight with acoustic live music? Delicious organic and ethical food to fill your tummy without upsetting your wallet? Do you dream of a beautiful world where kids can run around in local parks surrounded by greenery and wildlife with vegetations and species that are no longer at risk? Here is a great way to do your part. This Saturday March 31st marks another Earth Hour. Both Rocky Mountain Flatbread locations will be turning down their lights along with the rest of the nation. This enlightened hour signifies a growing group of people and their commitment to tackle climate change.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread has taken many extra steps to reduce their carbon footprint. They compost all of their leftover food. They have bought green electricity/gas from Bull Frog Power. They continually choose to buy local produce and Ocean Wise Seafood. They even grow their own sunflower sprouts! Taking home a doggie bag? Don’t forget their pasta containers and pizza boxes are completely compost-able. (Even the napkins and paper towels are all made from 100% recycled fibres)

RMF has even committed to reducing their carbon footprint a further 15% by changing out all of the energy sucking light bulbs to certified energy efficient ones. As well they plan on creating more partnerships with local gardeners and farmers in the upcoming season.

Ever wonder what you can do at home? It’s easy! Start by composting your own leftovers. Collect it just like your garbage and recycling and the city will pick it up for free! Contact FORTIS BC for 10% of your gas bill to be renewable gas. BC Hydro gives rebates to households that switch to more energy efficient light bulbs.

Come and dine by candlelight on Saturday and show everyone you’re committed to a greener world.  Don’t forget to bring your guitar for the first ever OPEN MIC EARTH NIGHT.

Only $18 for a three course meal.

Click  to learn more about how Bull Frog Power can help your household reduce it’s carbon footprint.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”                  – Margaret Mead