Soap from the Past for the Future

Packaging Our Earth-Friendly Soap

The Gr. 7 Enterprise and Innovation class and the Gr. 8 Leadership class from Lawrence Grassi School created “Nature’s Natural Soap Package – The Soap from the Past for the Future!”

Rocky Mountain Education Society partnered with locally owned Rocky Mountain Soap Company to develop this project. The objective for the students to learn was to create, design, name, market, brand, assemble and sell a product which creates a financial, social and ecological profit.

The students learned the importance of the 3 P’s People, Planet and Profit when developing a business. Students also learned how natural soap benefits the environment, employees, and customers which creates a positive, environmentally friendly product. Students now understand that good quality products can be made out of materials that they actually have heard of and are not toxic and not harmful to people and the environment. Students designed effective labels giving them the opportunity to market their product.

Promoting our Natural Soaps - Thanks Rocky Mountain Soap Company!

Gr. 7 Teacher at Lawrence Grassi Middle School Mr. Schrama says it best:
“My students were exposed to a real life opportunity to make a difference and to actually sell something. They went through the whole process of examining a cause, developing a business plan to meet the needs of that cause and fully implement that plan. Some students had never sold anything before! In this program they were able to design the products, design and create the labels, package the product on an assembly line and finally sell the product! They were also involved in all aspects of the financial plan, right down to deciding what to do with the profits! The best part was that they got to do this during school time! Without this program, many students would not be aware of the process. They have had the opportunity to experience a real world situation at this young age. “What a great opportunity for students to experience a hands on real life experience” stated one customer. “I fully support this!” Thanks for the opportunity to have my students to be involved in a great program.”


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