Students Going Green

Creating Alternatives to Traditional Everyday (Toxic) Products

March 2008:  Another project completed with students at Canarvon School, Kits, Vancouver – hooray!

Students and we (Suz and Isabel) learned all about some of the horrors of household products we use everyday – candles, cotton, toothpaste, soap, face soaps.  All of these products contain man made chemicals and petroleum based products which lead to an increase in allergies, asthma, cancers and are polluting our waters and soil.

We also discovered how easy it was to make all natural alternatives which are kinder to ourselves and kinder to nature.  Toothpaste made of baking soda, glycerine, a touch of salt and peppermint.  Face soaps made of orange and rose water.  Candles made of beeswax.  Friendship bracelets made of hemp.  Thanks to all of the students who participated in our program and of course our beloved program leader Noreen – who makes all these after school programs possible.
Suz and Isabel


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