Reducing Our Footprint

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Diners Share Ideas to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day at Rocky Mountain Flatbread

April 2010 – At Rocky Mountain Flatbread we have been collecting ideas from our diners of how to reduce our carbon footprint while living and working in Vancouver. It turned out to be a very resourceful activity and gave me many inspirational ideas on further simple actions I can personally take with my family as well as in our restaurant and I am hoping it may give others inspirational ideas too.

Join one billion people in 190 countries in taking further actions in your daily life to build a healthy, prosperous, clean energy economy now and in the future. Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Here is the list of diners’ ideas to inspire you:

Ideas for the House

  • You can recycle all plastics at multiple locations on the 3rd Saturday of the month.
  • For the average four bedroom family home, if you use a low flow shower head you can pay back the investment for the shower head in as little as 2 months from the savings on water and electricity.
  • Switch from GOOGLE to BLACKLE (a black screen uses less energy.) is powered by Google.
  • Reuse old envelopes for sorting and filing documents at home.
  • When shaving, turn off the water. Put enough water in the basin first to clean the razor.
  • Give clothing, household items no longer used to the Salvation Army on 4th and Cypress.
  • Install programmable thermostats in your home. Cutting power, bills and consumption by 55%.
  • Use cloth diapers, wash yourself and line dry. (when it’s not raining.)Plastic diapers take 1000 years to biodegrade in our land fills!
  • Have “no tech” or “low tech” days when you use no car, no phone and no computer.
  • Do all sunbathing at Wreck Beach – less laundry!
  • Hug a tree daily!!
  • Use face clothes instead of wipes for children’s meal messes.
  • Hang your laundry to dry! Dryers use far too much energy.
  • Unplugging all appliances when you go to bed and leave condo. You can save up to 10% on your energy bill.
  • Reuse your water bottles/ drink bottles.

Ideas for Shopping

  • Stop buying stuff.
  • Walk to Rocky Mountain Flatbread for local organic delicious dinner. Eat local!
  • Buy as local as possible – especially food.
  • Buy organic food only and support local farmers.
  • Use less plastic made products.
  • Be conscious of packaging your food from the grocery store comes in. Use cloth produce bags.
  • Use handmade fabric grocery bags that are washable, so you can reuse over and over and over.

Ideas for the Garden

  • Get a worm composter for your home apartment and or workplace.For info: visit City Farmer, 2150 Maple.
  • Fertilize your garden with crushed egg shells and coffee grinds.
  • Grow your own veggies!
  • For folks with no space but a balcony, start a wormery! Simple plastic storage box from Canadian Tire – order worms on-line and off you go.
  • Put tea leaves on your plants – particularly Rooibos on indoor plants.
  • Rain water collection for watering plants. (
  • Join a CSA (Community supported agriculture): You will get the best, local produce; support organic food (which is 80% of carbon footprint of food) and save money!
  • Use garden stalks for mulch under your raspberries.

Ideas for Work

  • Stagger work schedules so that there’s time to walk kids to school most days.
  • Take a Staycation every year. Keep the money within the province. Save on air miles and diesel fumes.
  • Walk from the West End to Rocky Mountain Flatbread on 1st Avenue for the best pizza!
  • Stop idling.
  • Take public transit
  • Close major streets downtown to cars on weekends – Robson and Georgia – have people take transit or a bike.
  • Commute via bicycle! Celebrate living in a city where it’s warm enough to bike year around!
  • Live where you work and play so you can just walk and or take public transit.
  • Carpool to work.

2 responses to “Reducing Our Footprint

  1. I love this list and that it’s very tactical and doable. I also love the graphic. It’s beautiful.

    • It’s a great list – it is amazing when people share ideas! I have changed some of my habits thanks to this list. Including buying into a CSA at kitsilanofarms for the the restaurant and for my family.

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