Zen and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance

Canmore Community Cruisers

June 2009 – This spring we partnered with Canmore Community Cruisers (CCC) to provide our Zen and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance Program to Lawrence Grassi Middle School and Canmore Collegiate High School. We were able to have have the ENTIRE Lawrence Grassi Middle School go through the program with the help of CCC volunteers and the help of the grade 8 Leadership class. Each class calulated how many Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions they were able to save by riding their bike to school, and how many kg’s they could save if they were able to take ‘green’ transportation to school everyday. Mme. Frasers class won by having the most GHG emissions saved for having nearly everyone take ‘green’ transportation to school that day.

Receiving Instruction on the Art of Bicycle Maintenance

The students were also taught about bicycle recycling and different eco-products you could make out of bike parts. How to change and patch a flat tire, and the ABC’s of Bicycle Maintenance. The program was similar for the grade ten students at CCHS, only they got to have more then 10 minutes at each of the stations. I would like to thank all the businesses that donated prizes to the event, and to all the volunteers with CCC. I would also like to especially thank Gini Dalgas with CCC for getting this program organized with me and going above and beyond a typical volunteer position. www.communitycruisers.ca


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