Getting Goin’ with Grassi

Bike Tires Aren't Recyclable...

From Bike Tubes to Skate Guards

February 2009 – We worked with Mrs. Davison’s Grade 8 Leadership class to covert old used Bike Tubes into Skate Guards. The process took some work, we started out trying to think of something to make out of the bike tubes, because they can’t be recycled and Canmore produces A LOT of the them. We came up with a few ideas, ipod case and cell phone cases, but the girls didn’t think that black would be the most attractive colour. Then we thought of belts, bags or binders, but we didn’t have a sewing machine that would work with the rubber.

...But They Can Be Transformed Into Great Skateguards!

Then we thought of skate guards, we went through a few different prototypes, but this is the best one we came up with because it uses only elbow grease and a tube. The other samples used lots of glue and rivets, but we thought it would be better to use a no extra resources. Although the Skate guards were a great idea, they could have been better executed with the use of a sewing machine, as the students found it really hard to crochet the tubes together in order to make the guard a little stronger. If anyone has any other ideas of what you can make with bike inner tubes, plus let us know!


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