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GROW YOUR OWN POTATOES, by Suzanne Fielden

Potatoes will grow almost anywhere & when you cook them up  they are bursting with vitamins and minerals.  Served with their skin they are also a great source of fiber.

This Earth Day, Sunday April 22nd, 4.30 – 5.30 pm you can create your own potato sacs at our Main Street or Kits location – planting potatoes in the bottom of a bulap coffee sac & salad transplants at the top – how fun & delicious!  And all donations will be given to World In A Garden & Project Somos.  http://theworldinagarden.wordpress.com/2012/03/11/1819/

But if you can not make the workshop you can still create your own potato sac by following this super easy recipe.


Potato sac (extra strength plastic bag, burlap bag, potato sac (from your garden center)

Potato seedlings from your local garden center

Bag of soil


  1. Place seed potatoes in a warm sunny spot & let them form ½ inch  sprouts.
  1. Place your potato sac in a sunny spot on your patio or deck.
  1. Roll down the sides of your potato sac and fill with about 6 inches of soil.
  1. Plant the seed potatoes by burying them, eyes pointed up, about 2 inches deep in the soil.  Water well.
  1. Water regularly so damp not soaked.
  1. You will watch the stem of the potatoes grow above the soil.  When it is about 6 inches high unroll the bag and cover with more soil so that only a few leaves poke through the dirt.
  1. As potatoes continue to grow unroll the bag and add more soil.
  1. You will know the potatoes are ready after the plant blooms flowers & the leaves start to turn yellow and die back.
  1. Then slit the sides of your potato sack and harvest lots of home grown potatoes.
  1. Keep potatoes in a cool dark area for storeage until ready to cook them up!