Upcycling Plastic into Oil

Plastic has become part of our everyday lives – we now consume 110 million tons each year.  Currently, 90% of this goes un-recycled wreaking havoc on our oceans and shores. We have the technology to convert plastic waste to value added crude oil.   Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. are always looking for ways to promote more sustainable solutions & we are excited to announce that we will be hosting live demonstrations of this technology using the Blest Machine. 


The machine was created by a Japanese inventor, Akinori Ito, who developed the machine in the belief that if plastic is produced from oil, it should be able to convert back to oil.

This model, used for demonstration purposes, can Convert 1KG of plastics 2,4,5 & 6 into 1L fuel (gasoline, diesel, kerosene).

How does it work?

The process of pyrolysis!

The machine uses electric heat (ranging from 380 – 460 C) to melt the plastic into a gas which is cooled by water and converted into oil.


Because there is no combustion, but a vaporization into gas, only a small amount of off-gas is produced. This off-gas comes in the form of CO2 (carbon dioxide) equivalent to about four humans breathing normally.

How energy efficient is it?

This size machine uses approx. 1KW/ HR and requires an AC 120V.

Do larger commercial models exist?

Large scale, continually running machines can be purchased. At present, P & M Recycling in Yukon has the only stationary large scale machine in Canada. The machine produces enough fuel that, “Pat McInroy, the owner of the recycling centre, estimates he will save $18,000 in annual heating costs, plus labour costs for sorting and baling the plastic, and trucking costs”. – Yukon News

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. will be hosting a live demonstration fundraiser on September 24th at our Kits location; 10% of sales donated to Upcycle the Gyres Society in contribution to their proof of concept pilot project “marine waste plastic into fuel”. From September 28th – October 27th the machine can be viewed at Science World for their Around the Dome in 30 Days exhibit. 


Community Shared Agriculture

What happens when 10 urban farms across the Metro Vancouver Region come together to share resources, knowledge, skills and experience? Well besides delicious local food, CITY FARMS CO-OP happens! With farmers from Vancouver, Richmond, Delta, Burnaby and Langely, City Farms Co-op provides a range of produce, flowers and other edibles that Rocky Mountain Flatbread just had to get their hands on. Although City-Farms Co-op has a weekly presence at Trout Lake Farmer’s Market, Rocky Mountain Flatbread decided on another route to ensure we had the best ingredients available to make our Farmer’s Market dishes as seasonal and tasty as possible. So, with the help of City Farms Co-op coordinator Emi, we signed on for a weekly CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) delivery.

What is a CSA you ask? As put by City Farms Co-op themselves a CSA is when “customers buy a “share” of the farms harvest at the beginning of the season which provides the farmer with the capital they need for purchasing seeds, equipment soil amendments, etc. In return, customers receive a weekly box which typically contains produce but may also contain other farm products such as honey, meat, eggs, flowers etc.”

Wednesdays are now a day Rocky Mountain Flatbread looks forward to – opening our CSA box to see what colours and textures will make this week’s flatbreads and pastas come alive. CSA is so simple. It makes so much sense. And the fresh, seasonal, local food not only tastes amazing but is packed with nutrients normally lost in the 80% of Canadian produce that is picked unripe and transported to our supermarkets from various countries. If you are interesting in signing up for a CSA or just want to learn more: http://www.cityfarmscoop.ca

ImageEmi dropping off our CSA box to Gary Rocky Mountain Flatbread Main Street

ImageEmi and Yummy Yards volunteers trellising tomato plants

ImageI tagged along with the Yummy Yards crew to get my hands dirty and came home with these gorgeous veggies

ImageTrout Lake Farmer’s Market

What a Wonderful Wednesday!

The Earthbites crew teamed up with natural materials artist and instructor, Rebecca Graham, and headed over to the garden at Trafalgar Elementary School. With the help of the boys and girls at Trafalgar Out of School Care Society we created beautiful fences out of willow and ivy!Image

Learning to weave


Rebecca demonstrating how to create a design with ivy


Almost finished!


We created four fences in an hour- great work team!

School Garden Make Over

The Earthbites Team had great fun working with the kids at Kimount Boys & Girls Club to transform their weed beds into yummy food beds yesterday.

Here are the transformations that happened in only two hours!

Weed Bed

Weed Bed



Mixing in Sea Soil

Mixing in Sea Soil

Raking Beds

Raking Beds

Planting Cucumbers & Squash

Planting Cucumbers & Squash

Planting Carrot Seeds

Planting Carrot Seeds



And Presto!

And Presto!

With a little love and water we should be ready to harvest within the month.

Local Berry Lemonade Recipe

ImageFeel like making lemonade today.  

Here is a simple recipe to create a delicious and healthy lemonade loaded with local berry goodness!

Simply Mix:

1/2 cup of lemon juice (squeeze about three lemons)

1/2 cup maple syrup


2 tablespoons of mushed or blended local strawberries, blueberries or rasberries

6 cups of water

Mix and drink!  Yum.

If you do not feel like making your berry lemonade – just want to drink it – do not panic – we are serving lots of home made Strawberry Lemonade at your local Rocky Mountain Flatbread!

Vote for our BC Flatbread Special & Support Canmore Flood Clean Up

We are proud to have entered Vancouver Foodster Best Pizza Challenge.

To vote: http://vancouverfoodster.com/pizza-challenge


We were challenged to create a unique pizza creation which did not exist on our menu.

Chef Russ & Chef Oliver quickly went to work.  “It was important for us to incorporate lots of B.C. produce – as that is what makes us unique” says Chef Oliver.  

When launching our B.C. Flatbread Special the terrible floods happened in the home town of Rocky Mountain Flatbread, Canmore, Alberta.  So it made sense to contribute 10% of proceeds from this flatbread to the flood clean up.  Up to 40 families lost their homes.


I have listed all of the delicious fresh ingredients in our flatbread below.  If you love BC farmers and our BC Flatbread vote for us at http://vancouverfoodster.com/pizza-challenge

Our B.C. Flatbread Special, featuring:

Organic Flours, milled at Anita’s Flour, Chilliwack

Roasted Red Pepper Base, grown in B.C. hothouses, Delta.

Sauteed Leeks & Oyster Mushrooms, grown in Richmond

Roasted apples, grown in the Okanagon

Grape Tomatoes, grown in B.C. Hothouse, Delta

Buffalo Milk Mozzarella, created by Natural Pastures, Vancouver Island

Maple Bacon, from Organic World, Maple Ridge

Project Lunch Box Talk. June 25th 10 am, Kits Location