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Join Us for a New Years Celebration – Family Style!

Join Us for a New Years Celebration - Family Style!


Perfect Holiday Planning Ideas




Enter to Win Halloween Pizza Making Competition!

It’s time to get spooky – ghouls and gals of all ages are invited to make their own pizza monster! We want to see how creative you can be with your pizza creations – Dr. Frankenstein had a lab for his monster, but all you need is a kitchen, a pizza base, toppings and imagination. Submit your pizza face picture on our Twitter or Facebook pages with your name and age and we will award the most creative adult and child submissions’ with a dinner for four on us!


Pizza bases are available for purchase at Rocky Mountain Flatbread or you can use an English muffin, pita, tortilla, etc.

We will be taking submissions until 9:00 p.m. on October 31st

  Tweet @flatbreadCo / Post to FB RMFMainStreet or RockyMountainFlatbread

           Monster Pizza Making will also take place at Rocky Mountain Flatbread                 Main Street & Kits locations October 27th and 28th

                    Halloween Crafting Night will be held October 23rd 5-7 pm :                          Apple Monsters & Green Slime

What a Wonderful Wednesday!

The Earthbites crew teamed up with natural materials artist and instructor, Rebecca Graham, and headed over to the garden at Trafalgar Elementary School. With the help of the boys and girls at Trafalgar Out of School Care Society we created beautiful fences out of willow and ivy!Image

Learning to weave


Rebecca demonstrating how to create a design with ivy


Almost finished!


We created four fences in an hour- great work team!



To celebrate Earth Day Rocky Mountain Flatbread is hosting an Earth Day Pizza Making and Beer Tasting event on Monday evening, April 22 from 5 pm onwards, featuring both Stanley Park and R&B Brewing craft beer samples.


Learn to make an artisan pizza with five of your favourite ingredients, kicking things off by enjoying a salad and fresh bread.

FG Salad

Register by phoning 604.730.0321 (Kitsilano) or 604.566.9779 (Main Street). Tickets are $25 with 10% of all evening sales being donated to Earthbites, an local organization that teaches kids to grow their own food.

Homemade Holiday Crackers!

Another craft we love at Rocky Mountain Flatbread are these handmade holiday crackers.

Image courtesy of Homelife,4810

Image courtesy of Homelife

You can use anything as your base but one of our favourite options is to use toilet paper rolls ­– a little bit of recycling and a lot of crafting! You can take the time to write out jokes, or personalized messages and pop them into the toilet roll before you wrap up the cracker. Additionally, you could pop a little prize or two in the toilet roll before you wrap it up for even more excitement when you pull them apart! These holiday crackers are a great way to wrap up little gifts (like lip balms or hand creams) as well!

Basic steps include:

  1. Find a suitable base, we like to use toilet rolls.
  2. Write out a joke, or personalized message and slide it inside the toilet roll with the popping part of the cracker.
  3. Choose your wrapping paper, cut to size (you want the paper to be about 6 inches bigger than the base is long so you have a 3 inch overhang on each side) and roll your cracker up.
  4. Once the paper is secured in place around the toilet paper roll (we like double sided tape for this), tie the cracker up on either side of the toilet paper roll using your favourite ribbon or twine.
  5. Ensure the popper is centred in the roll and anchor the ends down to the wrapping paper with double sided tape.
  6. Decorate the outside of the cracker however you like.
  7. Enjoy!

We hope you have a chance to try making your own crackers this holiday season.

Good luck and happy crafting!

Happy Holiday Bunting Flags!

Crafting continues at Rocky Mountain Flatbread with Holiday Bunting Flags! What better way to decorate than with bunting flags. And these aren’t your run of the mill plastic bunting flags! Have fun choosing the fabrics at the craft store, or make them with recycled scrap fabrics you have at home!


Image courtesy of Sew In Love

Basic steps include: cutting out triangle shaped pieces of fabric, sewing them rights sides together along the two longer edges and then turning the fabric right sides out. Iron your fabric and then sandwich the flags between some brightly coloured folded bias tape. Pin in place and then stitch alond the edge of the bias tape. Hang around your house or even on your holiday tree. For more in depth details follow this clear and excellent tutorial from Sew In Love. You could even take it one step further and cut out some felt letters and add a happy message!