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Ocean Wise Month November

November is Ocean Wise Month! As a proud Ocean Wise partner, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company is featuring sustainable seafood inspired pastas and flatbreads on our daily specials menu. As our daily board changes each week, so will our feature Ocean Wise inspired selection of seafood. Don’t forget to check out some of our Ocean Wise menu staples, such as our West Coast Salmon Flatbread App and our Pesto Shrimp Flatbread Pizza. 


This week’s Kits features:

Flatbread Special – tomato sauce, mozza, spinach, lime marinated Ocean Wise shrimp, mango & diced tomato

Pasta Special – fettucini served with local portabello mushrooms, wild arugula, red onion, sundried tomato & Ocean Wise smoked salmon in a parsley cream sauce 

Pasta Special – penne served with fennel, local rainbow carrots, chard, baby dill & Ocean Wise Salt Spring Mussels 

 Help us in celebrating Ocean Wise’s commitment to keeping our oceans healthy by visiting us today!To see what sustainable seafood inspired dishes our chefs have created check out us out on Twitter @flatbreadCo or give us a call:  Kits (604) 730-0321 /  Main (604) 566-9779


To check out other Ocean Wise events:


Perfect Holiday Planning Ideas




Community Shared Agriculture

What happens when 10 urban farms across the Metro Vancouver Region come together to share resources, knowledge, skills and experience? Well besides delicious local food, CITY FARMS CO-OP happens! With farmers from Vancouver, Richmond, Delta, Burnaby and Langely, City Farms Co-op provides a range of produce, flowers and other edibles that Rocky Mountain Flatbread just had to get their hands on. Although City-Farms Co-op has a weekly presence at Trout Lake Farmer’s Market, Rocky Mountain Flatbread decided on another route to ensure we had the best ingredients available to make our Farmer’s Market dishes as seasonal and tasty as possible. So, with the help of City Farms Co-op coordinator Emi, we signed on for a weekly CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) delivery.

What is a CSA you ask? As put by City Farms Co-op themselves a CSA is when “customers buy a “share” of the farms harvest at the beginning of the season which provides the farmer with the capital they need for purchasing seeds, equipment soil amendments, etc. In return, customers receive a weekly box which typically contains produce but may also contain other farm products such as honey, meat, eggs, flowers etc.”

Wednesdays are now a day Rocky Mountain Flatbread looks forward to – opening our CSA box to see what colours and textures will make this week’s flatbreads and pastas come alive. CSA is so simple. It makes so much sense. And the fresh, seasonal, local food not only tastes amazing but is packed with nutrients normally lost in the 80% of Canadian produce that is picked unripe and transported to our supermarkets from various countries. If you are interesting in signing up for a CSA or just want to learn more:

ImageEmi dropping off our CSA box to Gary Rocky Mountain Flatbread Main Street

ImageEmi and Yummy Yards volunteers trellising tomato plants

ImageI tagged along with the Yummy Yards crew to get my hands dirty and came home with these gorgeous veggies

ImageTrout Lake Farmer’s Market



To celebrate Earth Day Rocky Mountain Flatbread is hosting an Earth Day Pizza Making and Beer Tasting event on Monday evening, April 22 from 5 pm onwards, featuring both Stanley Park and R&B Brewing craft beer samples.


Learn to make an artisan pizza with five of your favourite ingredients, kicking things off by enjoying a salad and fresh bread.

FG Salad

Register by phoning 604.730.0321 (Kitsilano) or 604.566.9779 (Main Street). Tickets are $25 with 10% of all evening sales being donated to Earthbites, an local organization that teaches kids to grow their own food.

Roasted Halibut With Tarragon and Hazelnut Brown Butter

I know it is so exciting to be picking my own parsley, mint, tarragon & more.

Putney Farm

tarra14As we noted a week or so ago, herbs are the first plants in our garden that really “pop” with the coming of spring. And while we get plenty of fresh goodies from the farmers market, there is nothing quite like getting the first taste of produce from our own garden. It sort of “hardens” the idea that spring is really here (for us, at least). Right now we have plenty of mint (cocktails on the way), marjoram and oregano, but this spring our tarragon (finally) took off. We couldn’t wait to use it.

tarratarra1And we knew exactly how we wanted to use the tarragon, as a flavoring for roasted fish. Here in Norcal, that usually means local halibut, rock cod/rockfish or salmon. In this case we use halibut, but any firm white fish will do. As for the cooking method, you can go sous-vide (and it would be great)…

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In my previous blog I posted how to create your very own ravioli dough.

Here is a recipe for creating your own ravioli filling – beet & goat cheese.  I think this maybe my favorite ravioli filling of Chef Wout’s!!  

Our next ravioli cooking class will be on Monday, April 14th, where Chef Wout will share all of his top ravioli making secrets.


Photo: Ariane@Design

Beet & Goat Cheese Ravioli Filling

Four portions 

350 gram beets

100 gram goat cheese

salt, pepper

1 bay leaf

1 sage leaf


Peel the beets and chop them roughly. Put them in a pan with the bay leaf, salt and pepper.

 Add water till the beets are just covered. Bring to a boil and cook until they are tender. About 15 minutes. Discard the bay leaf and strain the beets… But carefully. We don’t want the whole kitchen painted red.

Weigh out the goat cheese. Combine them with the sage in a food processor. Mix until it is smooth enough. Can be a bit chunky, that will give it some texture.

Season with salt and pepper to taste.  The filling can be used when it is firm enough. Might need some cooling down time. Scrub your hands and remind yourself to wear gloves next time you peel beets.

Recipe: by Chef Wouter Schipper


A Gluten Free Girls Night


Eating out in Vancouver is still a major past time. With new restaurants opening up with what seems like daily, it’s hard to keep up. Not to mention always reaching for those digestive enzymes after eating at the latest organic white bread bistro is not always ideal. Leave it to the innovative people at Kitsilano’s own Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company to develop a new gluten free series of foods for those flour-challenged consumers. I was lucky enough to try a deluxe, four course meal completely gluten free (including Beer!) at RMF on the weekend. I’ll be honest, I was expecting to enjoy a nice meal out and probably utter the phrase “Yeah, it was good….for gluten free”. Little did I know I would totally forget that the foods I was about to consume were missing what I thought, was an integral ingredient, until now. I began with a bowl of their homemade chicken noodle soup. You don’t need to have a temperature or be fighting a flu to enjoy this warm hug in a bowl. The Gluten Free noodles add a nutty flavor that when paired with the house made pesto and Bradner Farm chicken, satisfies the soul without reinventing an ancient favorite. I then had the luxury of wolfing down their unparalleled gluten free pizza. With a secret combination of flours including chia flour, this delicately topped artisan flatbread will transcend your taste buds without doing a number on your digestion. Chia flour (which has all the nutritional value of Chia Seeds) is a better source of Omega-3 fatty acids than any other food grown on this planet. Not to mention it’s a great source of protein and fiber according to Nuchia Foods. The best part about the pizza is you truly do not feel like it’s lacking a thing. After my server explained to me that many patrons of the gluten free pizzas, often need reassurance that it is in fact gluten free because it’s so similar to the real thing. I believe it. But after this amazing meal, it’s easy to see why they are the experts in Gluten free. Following the thin crust pizza, the Chef came out a large bowl of pasta accompanied with local organic veggies and Organic Chicken. The thin fettuccini noodles were so full of flavor without the heavy aftermath. It’s such a treat to eat out and not be limited to one item on a menu or ordering an item with a million modifications. If you don’t feel like pizza, the daily pasta options are a great alternative. Then, just when we thought the Gluten free feast was nearing its end, they brought us out a Mango Cheese Cake with a flakey coconut crust. It was creamy, light and a perfect end to a family style spread. As Gluten free is becoming more and more necessary for people’s diets and of course the mere trend of it in Vancouver, it’s nice to see a local, family run restaurant provide a high caliber version without upsetting stomachs and wallets. If you’re in the Kitsilano area, you must make it to Rocky Mountain Flatbread to try these new and improved soulful favourites.