Homemade Holiday Crackers!

Another craft we love at Rocky Mountain Flatbread are these handmade holiday crackers.

Image courtesy of Homelifehttp://www.homelife.com.au/decorating/living+dining/how+to+make+christmas+crackers,4810

Image courtesy of Homelife

You can use anything as your base but one of our favourite options is to use toilet paper rolls ­– a little bit of recycling and a lot of crafting! You can take the time to write out jokes, or personalized messages and pop them into the toilet roll before you wrap up the cracker. Additionally, you could pop a little prize or two in the toilet roll before you wrap it up for even more excitement when you pull them apart! These holiday crackers are a great way to wrap up little gifts (like lip balms or hand creams) as well!

Basic steps include:

  1. Find a suitable base, we like to use toilet rolls.
  2. Write out a joke, or personalized message and slide it inside the toilet roll with the popping part of the cracker.
  3. Choose your wrapping paper, cut to size (you want the paper to be about 6 inches bigger than the base is long so you have a 3 inch overhang on each side) and roll your cracker up.
  4. Once the paper is secured in place around the toilet paper roll (we like double sided tape for this), tie the cracker up on either side of the toilet paper roll using your favourite ribbon or twine.
  5. Ensure the popper is centred in the roll and anchor the ends down to the wrapping paper with double sided tape.
  6. Decorate the outside of the cracker however you like.
  7. Enjoy!

We hope you have a chance to try making your own crackers this holiday season.

Good luck and happy crafting!


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