GROW YOUR OWN PEA SHOOTS, by Suzanne Fielden

Pea shoots are packed full of vitamin A, C and folic acid.  They are easy to super easy & fast to grow & are delicious to top salads, sandwiches & pastas with.  And they can be grown indoors or outdoors!  I have a tray in our kitchen and have found our kids just graze on them for a snack!

We have been experimenting growing pea shoots & sunflower shoots at our Kits restaurant.   We found sunflower seeds tricky but pea shoots – super easy!!  We have been using the pea shoots to top salads, pasta specials and flatbread pizza specials.  They also look so cool growing up front in the restaurant.  Here is our secret recipe:


Masonary jar

Pea shoot seeds.  You can order them from Mumms.

2 seed trays

Potting soil

“Kelp Man” fertilzer




  1. Fill your 500 ml masonary jar half with pea seeds & top with water. Let it soak for 24 hours.  Empty water from the jar and rinse peas with water.
  1. Cover the bottom of your tray with about 1 ½ inches of potting soil.
  1. Empty all of the peas from the jar onto the tray and spread the peas out evenly so they make a “pea carpet.”
  1. Water the soil so it is damp but not drenched.
  1. Cover the tray with another tray so the peas can sprout in darkness for about 5 days.
  1. Check peas daily and add a little water if needed.
  1. After about 5 days the peas sprouts will be about 3 inches high take off the tray cover and expose to sunlight for a few days.
  1. To harvest cut with sissors and use to top salads, sandwiches, pastas and more.  It’s that easy!

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