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Uncle Wout is our Chef Extrodinaire at our Kits location who spends a lot of his time creating our famous house made ravioli and dessert specials.

Over the last week he has been busy trying to perfect the creation of chocolate mousse and I believe he may of done it!!  I had a small bowl and it melted in my mouth.  It is our current dessert feature at Kits – rush down before it all disappears!

Wout’s Chocolate mousse for 4 persons

I’ve been studying this desert feature for the last two weeks. The amount of recipes and procedures were immense and sometimes controversial. The main issue is the use of eggs. And that is a personal preference. I just think if we were able to use raw eggs for the last 2 centuries, than we would be more than able to use them nowadays. Fresh eggs have a shiny yolk that is firm and round. If you are not sure about the freshness, just fry it up for breakfast instead.

The ingredients we used for this desert special:

140 gram of dark chocolate (callebaut coverture)

25 gram Butter

60 gram egg yolk

30 gram powder sugar

375 ml Cream

pinch of salt

And we flavor the cream with something. It can be orange juice or espresso, or Liquor. We used some grand marnier for this one, but dark rum or cognac are nice as well.

Now just a short thing about the chocolate. What is really important is that you know that you cannot substitute the dark chocolate with a white or milk one, without changing the weight of the other ingredients. The fat content is different so the result can be off.  Always buy more then you have too. For the simple reason that somebody will definitely will snack from it. After weighing, cover and chain it if you must.

Now we begin:

First we weigh everything out and have it ready to use.

We melt the chocolate with the butter au bain-marie. That means in a metal bowl that seals on top of a pot with simmering water. Keep track of the temperature. It should not exceed 35 Celsius. Use a spatula to stir it so once in a while

While the chocolate is melting we beat up the egg with the sugar until its pale. We whip up the cream with salt and the flavor of our choice. You should be able to turn the bowl around without the cream falling out. Otherwise you will have to clean your kitchen floor and start again whipping up that cream. Use a cold and clean metal bowl and whisk (or stand mixer). If the utensils are a bit greasy, you can whisk very hard and it would be a great exercise, but it will not really set.

Time to combine everything together. 

Add the egg mixture with the chocolate. Keep it in the bain-marie for a little bit to bind the chocolate and egg more. Remove the bowl from the heat and add ¼ of the cream. Mix it up well. Add the remaining cream and fold it in. That means we use a spatula and gently mix everything together.

To finish everything up we let the kids or roommate clean the kitchen. We wash our hands and put our pointing finger in the bowl of the chocolate goody and taste our divine creation. Now it is time to drink a small glass of grand marnier for a job well done!

We could fill the mousse in glasses or other kind of forms. Just google that and see how other people serve their chocolate mousse. Important is that it should be cooled for about 6 hours prior using. Maybe I should have told you that in the beginning. Oh well now you have a desert for tomorrow night.