Eco-Gift Ideas – Home Made Organic Sugar Scrub

Here is an easy recipe to make a lovely organic lavender sugar scrub – a perfect gift to make & give during the holiday season.

It has been tried & tested by the Grade 6 & 7 at Lord Tennyson School working on our responsible business program – great fun to make & sold really well!

The sugar is very mild exfoliant which does not sting if you have any cuts.


Small Masonary Jar; Organic Sugar Crystals; Grape Seed Oil; Essential Lavender Oil; Castile Soap


1. Fill your masonary jar 3/4 with organic sugar crystals.

2. Slowly add some grape seed oil until it becomes a paste consistency.

3. Add 3 – 5 drops of essential lavender oil.

4. If the consistency gets too oily, add a bit of castile oil.

5. Create a label & tie on with your favorite ribbon

6. Give to someone you love!


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