How to Avoid Eating GMO Foods with Julia O’Loughlin, RHN

How to Avoid Eating GMO Foods:

The concern regarding GMO foods is increasing rapidly. More and more people are becoming aware of the high rate at which our foods are being genetically engineered and the potential negative impact these foods are having on our health. Many assume that these foods have been extensively tested, leading them to believe that GMO foods are safe. Tested for efficacy, yes; tested for human safety, no. I have heard the introduction of GMO foods be referred to as “the largest experiment to be done on mankind.” We are the guinea pigs! It is very difficult to determine whether you are purchasing and eating GMO foods as there is no labeling required. See below for a list of ways to enhance your consumer awareness to avoid purchasing GMO foods:

  • Avoid refined and packaged foods. Besides being poor for your health, they likely contain genetically modified ingredients.
  • Buy and eat organically grown foods and locally grown foods whenever possible.
  • Download “How to Avoid Genetically Engineered Food: A Greenpeace Shoppers Guide”
  • Buy products that are labeled “Non-GMO”
  • Soy, canola, corn and cotton are the largest GMO crops and should be avoided.
  • Involve yourself in the campaign to have GMO foods labeled. Demand from your government that GMO foods are labeled, join an activist organization, write a letter to your local newspaper, become informed and inform others!

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