All Natural Spa Product Recipes

We had a wonderful day with Kid Safe on the East Side – giving over 90 kids a well deserved spa day.

They chilled as we soaked their feet in lavender foot baths, put on mud masks on their face, gave them salt scrubs for their hands and massaged their feet with coconut oil!

Kids were pleasantly shocked at how easy and cheap it is to make your own natural spa products and they were also unpleasantly shocked to hear that many hair, moisturizer and bath products are loaded with chemicals and petroleum stuff! They also did not realize that their skin absorbs 95% of what what they put on it.

A big thanks to Keri, Manager of Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Vancouver, for providing us with all of the recipes! The kids loved them!

Here are the spa recipes we made – try them out for yourself:

1. Foot Soak

Soak feet in basins of warm water to relax and sooth sore feet.

Instructions: – Sprinkle in the water: – Approx. 1 cup Epsom salt – Approx. 1 tsp lavender flowers (optional) – A few drops of Essential Oil if you want (could add: grapefruit, fir needle, patchouli, & lemongrass)

2. Moisturizer

Massage moisturizer onto freshly soaked feet, can work extra into hands.

Why coconut oil? Cold pressed coconut oil is fabulous because it is very rich in fatty acids, but it absorbs really easily into the skin.

Instructions: – Put a spoonful of coconut oil into a bowl – Add a few drops of essential oil and mix (Sweet orange oil for encouraging new skin cell growth & rejuvenated skin. Lemongrass antibacterial and moisturizing)

3. Face Mister

Instructions: – Pour some water into a spray bottle. – Add whatever essential oils you want. We used 5 drops of lavender and 3 drops of rose essential oils. – Shake it up and then mist face.

4. Sugar Scrub

Exfoliate the hands! Rub sugar scrub all over hands for 15 seconds, and then rinse off under running water. Why sugar scrub? Sugar is very mild on the skin, and if any of you kids have any cuts, the sugar won’t sting at all. When the sugar reacts with water, it creates a mild amount of glycolic acid, which very gently releases and stuck on dead skin.

Instructions: – Add sugar (~ 2 Tbls) to a bowl – Add any light oil (~ 2 Tbls) – can use grape seed, or coconut or olive oil… – If the consistency gets too oily, add a bit of castile soap (100% natural soap). – Add 4-5 drops essential oil your choice. (lavender, or sweet orange). – Just mix together with a fork!


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