Making Tee Shirt Bags

The Flatbread Team is working with 90 kids at Kid Safe to convert their old tee shirts into library bags – they can also be used for shopping bags. The project is fun, quick, easy & stops millions of plastic bags ending up in our land fills and oceans – phew!

Tools and Materials

An old  cotton T-shirt


Sewing machine

Medium-size bowl

Water-erasable marking pen


T-Shirt Bag How-To

1. Turn T-shirt inside out and pin bottom of the T-shirt along the hem. Using a sewing machine, sew bottom of T-shirt closed. Flip shirt right side out and lay flat on table, making sure all seams are lined up.

2. Place medium-size bowl about half-way over the neck hole. Using a water-erasable marking pen, trace along the edge of the bowl. Cut along the outline, making sure to go through the front and back sides of the shirt, in order to create an opening for the bag that’s larger than what the neck hole allows.

3. Line up the hems on the front and back side of the sleeve and cut, making sure to go through both sides of the shirt. Repeat on the other sleeve.

4.  For decoration get out some fabric paints or markers and decorate

And enjoy as a library bag, shopping bag, swimming bag ….



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