Cooking With Garlic Scapes

Suz loves garlic scapes – I love looking at them grow in my garden (they are groovy looking), snipping them and baking or frying with them to add a little kick to my chard, spinach, cabbages, potatoes and any other veggie you can think of .  Here is a little summary on garlic scapes: “what they are”, “where to get them” and “ideas of how to cook with them”.

What Is It?

Garlic scape is the flowering stem which rises from the roots or crown of a plant. A garlic scape has a mild garlic flavor without the bite of too much garlic and they are in season for a few weeks in June/ July.

Where Do I Get My Supply?

To get your supply simply snip them off the tops of garlic growing in your garden or pick a bunch up at your local farmers’ markets

How Do I Cook With It?

To cook with garlic scapes try annointing them with some olive oil and grill them just like you do asparagus. They can also be chopped thick or thin and added to salads and stir-fries.

Here is  a link to a great blog for a  delicious garlic scape pesto recipe.


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