12 Tips to Healthier Eating

Nutrition Tips with Julia O’Loughlin, RHN

  • Eat natural foods in their whole form – Honour the synergistic combinations of vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in whole foods
  • Eat organic foods – to avoid herbacides and pesticides
  • Eat seasonal foods – These foods are fresh, local and appropriate for seasonal requirements of the body
  • Eat fresh foods – nutrient levels peak at the time of harvest; fresher foods are more nutrient-rich
  • Eat a variety of foods and rotate them – to ensure all nutrients are acquired
  • Eat in moderation – smaller meals more frequently are preferable to 3 large meals per day as this is easier on the digestive system and increases metabolism
  • Don’t eat rushed, under stressful conditions, or in front of the television – we do not properly digest food under stressful conditions and thus, nutrients are not sufficiently absorbed
  • Participate in the preparation of your food as much as possible – get acquainted with the food you eat and connect with it
  • Avoid processed, refined, and “enriched” foods – these foods are nutrient deficient and lead to nutrient debt
  • Avoid foods cooked at very high temperatures (BBQ) – damages the nutrient quality of foods and produces free radicals
  • Use plenty of beneficial oils and avoid hazardous oils – Consume organic, cold-pressed, unrefined oils (coconut, olive, and flax are particularly useful), and avoid processed, hydrogenated oils, particularly those that have been heated at high temperatures (deep fried foods).  (Never heat polyunsaturated oils – flax oil, borage oil, corn oil, safflower oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, and evening primrose oil)
  • Chew food thoroughly – digestion for carbohydrates begins in the mouth

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