10 inch or 13 inch pizza?

With over 12 different flatbreads to choose from, deciding which pizza to order is never an easy ordeal. Next step – 10” or 13”?Generally, we recommend a 10” for one, and a 13” to share. This simplified recommendation doesn’t truly answer the sizing debate but two guests, Keo and Stan, shed some light on this difficult choice while dining at the Vancouver RMF.

Curious to know whether the price increase over the 10” was worth the extra money, Keo and Stan calculated the exact area increase of a 13” pizza from a 10” – answering the very question that boggles customers when faced with how much pizza to order.

With only a borrowed pen and a scrap piece of paper, Keo and Stan calculated that a 13” pizza is a 69% increase in area to a 10”, with a price increase of 63%. What does this mean? It is in fact better value to “upsize” to a large pizza to take full advantage of value for money. Also, a 13” flatbread has less crust and more of the good stuff – yummy, all natural toppings. Better yet, a half-and-half can only be ordered on a 13” pizza which offers guests the chance to enjoy a couple of different flavours. And, if you’re just not hungry enough to finish one off, left over pizza is never wasted and can be taken home in a biodegradable pizza box made from potatoes!


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